1st Caringbah Year Book for Sale

******************************Very Hot off the Press  ****************************** The 1st Caringbah Scout Group year book is now for sale at only $12 per head from bridget@clarknet.com.au on any section night. Just contact her in advance and she will bring some along. They contain lots of photos and write ups from each section showing so much of the cool things we have done through the year like: • Family Camp at Coledale • Bush Camp • Going up ceremonies • Windsurfing • Waterski-ing • Snow camp • Slip and Slide night • Region Camp And much much more. It will be a lovely gift for any youth member, mum, dad and grandparents living in Australia or abroad. A great way to help remember these terrific times for years to come Bridget Clark ******************************Very Hot off the Press  ******************************

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