Reuse and recycle

The cubs showed their creative skills and their green credentials during their evening Junk Modelling activity. They were asked to bring along material from their re-cycling boxes and home and turn it into masterpieces of art and sculpture.

There was a wide variety of material plastic bottles, polystyrene packing and cardboard. Kaa had asked that they bring along a tin that had been filled with water and frozen.

The tins were the raw material for some light art. The frozen water made sure that the tin was supported while a hammer and a nail were used to make holes in the pattern designed by the creative cub. It is then allowed to thaw and a tea light can be put inside.

The recycling material was supplemented by tape, glue, sticks and pom-poms to decorate the creations.

As well as animals, games, decorations and costumes, there were even household appliances created with the material.

The cubs who took part gained credit towards their badge work on the environment.

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