Fathers’ Day Celebration

Cubs meet on a Tuesday so you will spot that this was not actually Fathers’ Day. However, we were not going to let that get in the way of us celebrating our dads.

We held this event jointly with the Joeys and invited dads, grandads, uncles etc. This meant that we had a very large bunch of people to take part in an evening of games and food.

Here we see the youngsters getting instructions from Kaa for games that dads joined in on.

While the games were going, Rosella, Mouse and others were preparing the ingredients for Smores which the kids assembled ready for heating up.

Meanwhile, Chewie and one of our scouts were sorting out the BBQ for the sausages.

As they were being eaten around the campfire, the Smores were placed in the embers to give us the lovely sticky treat to round off the evening.

At the end of the evening, Badger presented Rosella with a certificate recognising her training as a Joey Leader.

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