A new leader for Cubs

On Tuesday night, as well as celebrating the end of a wonderful year with a Christmas Party, we were able to mark a very special event when we welcomed a new leader into the cub section.

Wicket is joining Chewie and Kaa as a regular leader and having confirmed that she is ready for the formal role, Chewie invited her to state the Scout promise as the cubs and the other leaders looked on.

On behalf of Badger, (the group Scout Leader), Kolo (the Assistant Group Scout Leader) explained the make up of the 1st Caringbah scarf (Red for the St George are where the group meets, Green for the growth in the National Park and Black, believed to be as a reminder of the re-growth opportunity after natural setbacks like bush fire). Wicket was then presented with her scarf and badges for her new uniform.

Once the presentation was complete, Wicket went to the centre of the parade circle to receive the traditional “1-2-3 Wolf” salute from the Pack.

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