Cubs from 1st Caringbah were due to join more than 3000 others from all over New South Wales at Cuboree. This was to be a five day camp at the Cataract Scout Park. Unfortunately, the bushfires meant that the event could not go ahead. However thanks to the efforts of Starfish, those who are part of the South Metropolitan Region were able to gather for a day of activities related to the Oceans themed part of the camp.

For the main camp the south Metropolitan team were part of the oceans section. Today’s activities were based on that theme. Here, some of the cubs seeing what it is like to explore underwater using scuba gear.

The young people had the opportunity to reflect on their impact on the oceans. Starting with a clean river they were taken through the story of individual acts which led to a polluted river which flows to the oceans and then impacts the wildlife and the beaches.

There was the chance to try out fishing. As part of this young people were introduced to the different types of fish and the numbers and sizes of fish that can be caught in a given day.

There were many other activities including creating a water vortex, craft activities to make see creatures races and scaling the wobbly ladder. Each of the Cuboree units had brought along commemorative badges and there was plenty of opportunity for badge swaps.

Our thanks go to Starfish for leading the organisation of such a great day. Although it was disappointing that we were not able to take part in the full camp, today’s event gave the young people a small sample of the main event and the opportunity to meet many of the other cubs from our area who would have been participating.

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