Unit R717 Cuboree

Cuboree is a three yearly camp for Cub Scouts from all over NSW. This October long weekend we had five days of activities at Cataract Scout camp, together with 1600 other cub scouts and 1100 leaders and scouts, venturers and activity guides.

Seven kids of our group joined the Unit R717 with kids from the 1st Oysterbay, 1st Alcheringa, 2nd Caringbah, 1st Lilli Pilli and 3rd/4th Kensington scout groups. Together these kids have five days of activities, traveling, working, eating and playing together, supported by leaders and adult helpers from these groups.

The 1st Caringbah participants
Our dining area
Climbing down at Challenge Valley
Together fixing our shark after a windy day

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