Family Camp – Jervis Bay

A couple of times a year we hold family camps. Young people from all of the sections are invited to come along with their parents and siblings for a weekend away. This time around, we went to Bristol Point near Jervis Bay thanks to the organisation by Cheetah.

Each family group brings along their own camping gear but we all work together to help out getting setup.

The youngsters soon got together and had were making plans of their own laying the foundations for their den.

Just as we finished getting things set up, the rain came to remind us of the importance of our camp craft skills. There was enough to create some rivers running through the camp site, but fortunately, we managed to avoid anyone getting washed away.

The weather was magnificent in the afternoon and there was an outing to the ruined lighthouse before heading off to the beautiful setting of Stony Creek. This gave the various people the opportunity to climb on the rocks, swim in the water or try having their feet nibbled by the fish, attracted there by the use of bread between the toes (evidently a treatment that you pay good money for at a treatment spa).

Sailfish had organised to bring some of the paddle boards which meant that the following day the kids could have a go at that if they had not tried it, or could show off their skills from previous attempts.

He also brought along a sail board which and gave some of the adults an introductory level on how to pull up the sail and fall over. Once going it was OK going in a straight line – I did that until I was an uncomfortable way off from the beach – but turning was a bit more tricky. Sailfish was on hand on another board nearby to come and bring me back!

It was a magnificent weekend with over fifty people from leader and member family groups. A huge thank you to Cheetah and Sailfish for making all of the arrangements.

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