Region Campfire

The annual Joey Campfire was held today which is an event for all of the Joey Mobs from the region. As you would imagine, the Joeys are a bit small to do their own event so it is organised with the help of the Rovers. The training centre is used to seeing campfires, but they do not make themselves. Here we see the fire circle before the hard work of the young people and their parents to collect supplies from the surrounding area.

And, hey presto, there is a fire ready to be lit.

A campfire would not be complete without something to sustain the participants and a dedicated team of leaders were there to prepare the sausages and the rolls for the Joeys and visitors to enjoy as the fire was being lit.

Once everyone had had their fill, the singing could begin. There were well over 100 Joeys and their families (which included a few cubs).

The Rovers had done a fantastic job with the fire and it was soon roaring away to give us the classic focal point for the traditional range of songs complete with actions for everyone to join in with. Akela and Baloo were on hand to lead the songs from the front and demonstrate the actions.

But is was not all down to them. The Rovers led some of the songs and there were skits too.

The Joey Mobs are also invited to perform a song if they wish and several of the groups came prepared to show us their talents.

Thanks to all of those leaders from the many Joey groups who put their heads together to get this organised and thanks to the leaders and the Rovers who helped to make the evening a lot of fun for the Joeys.

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