Group Fundraising

Members from the group have been out raising money for scouting activities by selling raffle tickets for the Cook Community Classic fundraising raffle.

The Cook Community Classic has been running for ten years and selling the tickets for the raffle provides organisations like ours with a great opportunity to provide some high quality resources and materials for our program of camps activities while keeping the fees lower because the proceeds from the ticket sales go straight to the group selling them. The young people play important part in this – they are encouraged to do as much as possible to introduce themselves to people and explain about their organisation as well as the fantastic prizes that are available in the raffle.

We were privileged that the Flower Power store invited us to run their BBQ today, and members from our Venturers, Scouts, Cubs and Joeys came to help with that and to sell the raffle tickets. The young people got to tell customers all about scouting and what they will use the money raised for.

It was wonderful sunny day and the shop was packed with people looking to make their gardens look great. They were also wonderfully generous when greeted by our scout members, like those pictured below, and have contributed a lot towards out scout group. It total our 13 youngsters sold 113 books between them. We would like to thank all of the Flower Power customers for their support.


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  1. It was VERY busy at the barbecue and Kooka and Chewie did a great job, with helpers, of cooking and serving hot dogs almost continuously. Kanga was brilliant at extracting money from people!

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