Scientific Scouts in Action

This year Scouts in Action Month is all about Science.  We did lots of experiments today – we made rainbow milk, learned about chromatography, used salt to make an egg float and watched some awesome fizzy chemical reactions. We made lots of mess and had lots of fun. It was so exciting that we’re going to do some more science next week – learning about magnets and solving some tricky engineering challenges.

Can you mix oil and water?
Yes – if you put in the right ingredients to help.
Mixing another concoction.
Seeing what the vinegar smells like before the Fizz Inflator does its work.
The Fizz Inflator in action.

We did not manage to get any pictures of the Rainbow Milk – we needed all hands on deck to contain the enthusiastic scientists with trays of milk.

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  1. Excellent piece of programming–I used to make gunpowder and rockets, but that might be a bit ‘politically incorrect’ these days!

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