Joey Space Camp

Joeys from South Met assembled for their region camp this weekend. With over 70 of them coming to camp, there was a lot of excitement about their space adventures.

One of their first jobs was to make their control panel for their space suits.

Once they had the rocket booster at the back and the control panel at the front, it was time for cadet training and practice for launch.

The technology in use in space is, of course, cutting edge. The video below shows the vehicles that will be used to move small people around when they find lands to explore. I hope they have a lot of puff to fill the balloons (and that the laws of physics adjust themselves to allow them to work in areas with no atmosphere.)

Space training is a long a gruelling program. The Joeys had plenty fun and games to keep them entertained.

With a busy day behind them, the sunset tonight was a fitting reminder of the amazing sights that await the adventurous explorers as they zoom off into space.

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