Joey Scouts Adventure Challenge

This term 1st Caringbah Joey Mob have been working hard towards their Adventure Challenge badge. To earn this badge they have to visit two places that the Mob doesn’t normally go and have a special adventure!

We had a great start to the term at the Boree Regatta where Sarah and Echidna organised some brilliant pirate adventures for us, later in the term we went for a walk along the Esplanade to hide our Joey Rocks for other people to find, we joined 1st Alcheringa Cubs and Joeys for ice blocking and we had some exciting adventures in our time machine.

We used time machine to visit Baden Powell to see how he learnt to be a Scout, another week we built some Mediaeval castles and had to defend them from dragons, we visited Ancient Egypt and learnt about hieroglyphs and mummies and last week we went back a very long way in time to meet some dinosaurs and make some fossils.

What an exciting term! Thanks to all the Joeys and their families, leaders and helpers for making it so much fun and supporting our group throughout the year. We’re looking forward to a good rest in the holidays ready for lots more great activities next year.

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