We had the opportunity to go fishing at the Royal Motor Yacht Club. After some lessons in knots and how to set up the rod, the next hurdle was persuading the joeys that the prawns for the bait is not too slimy for them to touch and that it really is better to get a firm grip on it to fix it to the hook.

There was some early success with one fish being caught in the first five minutes. Sadly, your roving reporter was not quick enough to get a picture, so that one will just will have to go down as being “this big”.

Quite a lot of fishing appears to be about patience. The joeys did quite well as staying attentive.

There was a flurry of activity when one line had a bite. However, as it turned out to be a pufferfish, the youngsters knowledge of fish was good enough to know not to touch it. Fortunately, Chewie was on hand to sort it out and return it to the water, but not before the fisher posed with her quarry.

Of course, the rods and hooks all need to be tidied up at the end. While the joeys enjoyed their sausage sizzle, they were grateful for the help from parents and leaders who stayed back to sort out the kit!

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