Joey Scout Promise Challenge

When Joey Scouts are over 7 1/2 years and before move up to Cubs, they can do the Joey Scout Promise Challenge. This is the major Challenge for the Joey Scout Section. The aim of this challenge is to allow the older Joey Scouts to gain a greater understanding of the Promise and Law and to learn about BP and the history of Scouting. It has individual elements and activities to do with the mob. The challenge should reflect:

  • Duty to God
  • Duty to Self
  • Duty to Others

When each component of the Promise Challenge has been completed, it is submitted for approval by the State Commissioner for Joey Scouts.

Florence set about this and carried out some research into the the history of scouting to look at different duties. For the duty to others, she decided to take up the challenge of making linings for the pouches for orphaned joeys rescued by WIRES, the wildlife rescue charity.

Once she had made the pouches and posted them off to the charity, Florence wrote up her project using a template assembled to help the young Joey Scout and presented her project to her Mob. This included the information from WIRES thanking her for contribution.

Florence had completed her linking with Cubs and moved up by the time her certificate and badge could be awarded, so she can be seen below visiting the Mob in her new Cub uniform receiving her award from Rosella.

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